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4Life Healthcare Services - Our Story

Our Story

4Life Healthcare Services - Social care through a fresh pair of eyes


Having had previous experience, working within care home settings in the South East of England, both Caleb and Hannah witnessed first-hand, the provision of care and day-to-day living for adults, was somewhat, institutionalised.


Through their individual encounters, they learned that being looked after in a care home was not only considerably regimented, the freedom of choice for clients and how they wished to go about their daily life, was significantly restricted.


Many clients had Dementia and didn’t have a voice to be able to share their wishes, or be independent from other residents. Many were unaware of the concept of time, and therefore were awake or asleep at differing times to other residents, forcing them to adapt to a daily fixed regime, regardless of their mental and physical wellbeing.

Lack of correct and thorough training, meant carers were ill-equipped with the psychology and critical knowledge behind various forms of Dementia, and were often unsure how to deal with certain situations.


Unfortunately, it also became evident that carers were not appropriately educated in how to be empathetic, and present a true understanding of the nature of the disease, and how this can cause adults with different types of Dementia, to act in different ways.

Smartly dressed male and female care managers, standing in front of a wall of client photos
4Life Healthcare Services - Where it all began


4Life Healthcare Services was founded by Caleb and Hannah, born from humble beginnings within their family home in Sittingbourne, Kent in 2017.

Reception area at 4Life Healthcare

Caleb and Hannah found that, sadly, a care home setting, meant that staff were unable to take the time to sit down and chat to each resident individually, to get to know them on a one-to-one basis, or simply share a cup of tea and chat about their day. This was because every carer was working to a very strict timetable.


As such, there was a lack of support for carers in general, which meant that corners were very often cut, due to staff becoming under immense pressure to keep to such a strict rota. In many situations, client care plans were not tailored to each individual, often leaving carers unsure of the correct procedures to follow.

4Life Healthcare Services - Aspiring for better care provision in the local area


Caleb and Hannah realised there had to be a better, more positive alternative to residential care. And so, from a small box room in their family home back in February 2017, they began planning how they could provide a service that maintained a happier, healthier quality of life for adults, though freedom of choice and decision-making, rather than a lifestyle that was organised to a convenient and controlled schedule.


They decided, that in order to succeed in making a real difference, they would focus on building a harmonious environment of high value, person-centred care to loved ones within their own homes, rather than within a group care home setting.

Although, at the time, there were many agencies providing home care within the Kent area, Caleb and Hannah discovered there were no specific agencies that stood out, in terms of the great need for care provision in the community, or any that provided a unique service that truly surpassed client and family expectations.

When approached, Canterbury City Council, were extremely receptive to Caleb and Hannah's desire to deliver a service provision within the local area, and were ready and willing to work with a new provider.

4Life Healthcare, now based in Canterbury city centre, is proudly home to a dedicated training suite and professional healthcare team, who share a warmth and passion for their clients, and believe in unique experiences that will shape peoples' lives, now, and in the future.

If you are looking for adult social care that really pushes the boundaries, that promises to offer a seamless care process, and provides real peace of mind, call 4Life Healthcare today, or visit us in person.


We would be delighted to provide our free, tailored and professional home care advice, as well as helping you choose the best care options for you or your loved one.

4Life Healthcare Services - Passion for caring


Here at 4Life Healthcare Services, our clients are very much part of our extended family, in that we care for them the same way we would care for our own loved ones; with genuine kindness, compassion and respect. As a team, we are all very driven to providing good quality, dignified care and that gives me the confidence to say, Caring is our Passion.

— Caleb Chikoto, Registered Owner

4Life Healthcare Services' reception in Canterbury
Trusted care provider in Canterbury

If you, or your loved one are looking for care in your own home, but not sure where to start, take a look at the types of care we offer, to decide which one best suits your lifestyle.

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