4Life Healthcare - Our Story

Our Story

4Life Healthcare - Aspiring for better


Equipped with a strong desire to give something extra back to the community, Hannah and Caleb embarked on a journey to build an environment where they could provide high levels of service, whilst offering a distinct personal touch that other agencies were missing.


Their, modern head office in Canterbury is home to a dedicated training suite and professional healthcare team who are at your disposal with a range of integrated care and support services you can rely on.


All our visitors, whether by phone or in person, can expect to receive a very warm welcome, coupled with 
professional guidance and advice on how 4Life Healthcare can best accommodate your care needs.

Founders of 4Life Healthcare Services
4Life Healthcare - Where it all began


4Life Healthcare Services was founded by Hannah and Caleb, born from the humble beginnings of a small box room in the family home back in 2017.

Here at 4Life Healthcare Services, our clients are very much part of our extended family, in that we care for them the way we would care for our own loved ones; with genuine kindness, compassion and respect. As a team, we are all very driven to providing good quality, dignified care and that gives me the confidence to say,
Caring is our Passion.

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4Life Healthcare Mission Statement closed quote marks

— Caleb Chikoto, Registered Owner

You can always expect a very warm welcome from the 4Life Healthcare team

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